Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wailing and gnashing of teeth

Digressing from the usual thrust of things... It's fascinating to watch the online responses to this blog elsewhere. It ranges from pathetic attempts to insult and goad to frustrated moans about perceived omissions or injustices. I confess it amuses me greatly to see Franchise customers whining about things like that, bearing in mind one of the main reasons I was motivated to start this blog in the first place - the collection of lies by omission that Franchise websites publish, claiming they represent the 'facts of the move'. What they actually represent is a deliberately biased presentation of selective facts, which completely fail to tell the whole story. The agenda behind them is clear, to show Winkelman and others involved with Franchise FC in the best light possible. If it were a genuine study of all the facts available, then the glaring omissions would not be there, but they are. And of course there is no way in which I or anyone else can have this piece of blatant propaganda modified to include salient facts - it's not a wiki.

So, when I see Franchise customers wailing and moaning about what gets posted here - none of which have they been able to find any inaccuracies with - then the irony of it tickles me greatly. If they hadn't been so keen to publish what amounts to a whitewash job on Winkelman, then they might not now be having to complain about this blog. Funny eh?

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