Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Terry Burton remembers

As was noted in a recent comment, ex-Wimbledon manager Terry Burton, outrageously sacked by Charles Koppel (see and despite achieving a 9th place finish in the second division in the 2001-2 season (while Koppel was selling quality players to promotion rivals), has recently been interviewed in his capacity as a West Brom coach and spoke about events in 2002. Here's the article:

It largely speaks for itself and it's a message that Franchise customers would do well to heed when they try peddling their lies about the move - people like Terry Burton were there and know what went on, they know the lies that were told and the horrendous campaign the owners waged against the fans to make their supermarket property deal happen. Read Burton's words and be in no doubt he knew and knows the truth of things:

“I went along to offer support. I’d been sacked by the previous Wimbledon – we’d finished eighth or ninth in the Championship the previous year, they were on the verge of moving and it was an awful year. I despaired for the supporters.
“It was like you saying to your wife ‘I’m going to leave you at the end of the season and run off with the woman next door... but will you stay here cook my food, do my washing for me.’
“The fans came to the matches, they would turn their back on the game, they would chant at the chairman to go. I got to know the song well and was singing it myself by the end!
“How can you take a club away from it’s people?
“I have nothing against Milton Keynes or the people who are there now. It could have gone to, say, Carlisle, it still wouldn’t have made it right. It’s wrong for those fans.
“The FA were wrong, as were the people who owned Wimbledon at the time."

Burton may not hold a grudge against Winkelman, but he's still working in football and doesn't need to go antagonising potential employers. His words are clear though. Franchise customers would do well to heed them.

And since it's nearly Christmas, a message for my biggest fan - Yur hoachin joaby and ye've naw scooby.

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