Friday, 2 December 2011

The Mexican has his say

This is the most eloquent and honest assessment you'll ever get from an ex-player about the franchise situation (NB this is a link to an mp3 download, the interview with Sanchez is at 35mins in):

It took even Lawrie Sanchez a while to come to terms with the situation and resolve how he felt about things, so it's hardly surprising that other players (particularly some from the Selhurst Park era) are still conflicted about matters. However, Sanchez has grasped the essentials well and there's no doubting his admiration for and affinity with AFC Wimbledon. He openly admits that he's in a difficult position - his living still comes from football and he's understandably reluctant to anger anyone else within the game - so one doesn't expect him to take a fans viewpoint, but he's unequivocal in stating that the fans ARE the football club. That's a message that should get through to everyone, Franchise customers excepted.

Only when Franchise customers can, en masse, bring themselves to recognise and agree with what Sanchez and most others within the game have come to terms with, will they be able to get over their absurd delusion that Winkelman 'saved' Wimbledon FC or that they are anything but a new club that should stop associating itself with a suburb of south London that they dishonour by doing so.

NB For those Franchise customers who appear to be either hard of hearing or delusional, Sanchez does not recognise Franchise as the 'legal continuation' of Wimbledon FC - mainly because it isn't! It's quite extraordinary that some Franchise customers still choose to either read or hear what they want to, rather than what is actually written or said. Listen to Sanchez again, he talks about a team, not a club or a 'legal continuation' going to MK. The difference may be lost on some Franchise customers, but it doesn't seem to be lost on Sanchez, who, I repeat, clearly states that the fans ARE the club.

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