Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dear Pete Winkelman...

If you're ever in the vicinity of Pete Winkelman, remind him of this quote, one of many similar ones he has made lately:

"I did a deal that was wrong and the owners [of Wimbledon at the time] were wrong. I'm not proud of the way football came to Milton Keynes,"


Then ask him these questions...

If you know it was wrong, why have you not apologised to the people you wronged - Wimbledon fans?

If you know it was wrong, why do you continue to insult and accuse Wimbledon fans of desertion when you know it was your fault their club owners' abandoned them?

If you know it was wrong, why do you so doggedly cling on to the 'Dons' nicked-name that the people you wronged have asked you to remove?

If you know it was wrong, why have you never once said sorry to anyone? (Because you haven't, saying "it was wrong" is not an apology.)

If you know it was wrong, why do you keep trying to justify your actions instead of just accepting it was wrong and making amends?

The truth is Pete, that the facts of what you did don't change (see previous blog entry http://truthaboutfranchisefc.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/pete-winkelman-and-mk-council-facts.html). Trying some hindsight revisionism based on a brief period of administration that happened long after you'd done all the damage you needed to to Wimbledon FC, will not change anyone's opinion of you one jot.

If Pete Winkelman wants anyone to forgive - we'll never forget - then first he's going to have to actually apologise for his actions, drop the 'Dons' and actually accept what he did was wrong, rather than just make weasel-worded quotes to the press about it that he makes worthless through his continued attacks on Wimbledon fans and flaunting of our club's nicked-name. Pete Winkelman - are you a man or a spineless spin-merchant?


  1. A question,..... If a well heeled Russian oligarch were to come along and take the Dons off Pete Winkelman, what would you do and would the vitriolic bile that emenates from a site that can be linked to from here stop?

  2. I'd continue to request the owner of Franchise FC drop the 'Dons' nicked-name from the team name. I'd continue to hold Winkelman responsible for what he actually did - approaching numerous Football League clubs in an attempt to complete his property deal and succeeding with Wimbledon FC. I'd continue to seek for the truth to be told and for no one to be allowed to revise history in an attempt to disguise the blame correctly apportioned to Winkelman.

    I also won't be in the least bit surprised to see Winkelman jump at the first chance to sell the football club... while retaining ownership and control of the stadium and land himself.

    I answer for myself only. I am not in any way involved in a position of responsibility at either AFC Wimbledon or any other website than this one. I find it odd that you would expect me to speak for others on this or any other matter.

  3. MCFC supporter here. Just wanted to express admiration and support for AFC and congrats on a spectacular effort today.

    Up the Womble!