Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Rules, what rules?

Sometimes you come across publications from some time back, which aren't new, but that starkly remind you of just how outrageous the franchising of Wimbledon FC was. Check out this story from 2005 in a Milton Keynes paper:

Read what Winkelman says about the football authorities blocking the move to MK:
"It is a far cry from February 2000 when a host of teams were in the frame to move here but seemingly implacable football authorities blocked any move. "But we changed the rules," said Pete."
He changed the rules. That means he knew there were rules to be changed. It's an open admission of the fact that he knew the football autorities objected to the move and considered it against their rules, but he was part of ploughing ahead and changing the rules - he's proud of getting around those rules.
Little snippets like this aren't a big deal, just confirmation of what reasonable and logical people know about what Winkelman knowingly did, and yet you can still find Franchise customers who think he is blameless. The man who proudly proclaims he changed the rules is supposed to be blameless. It would be funny if the whole thing weren't so tragic.

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