Sunday, 21 October 2012

Facing the truth

Facing the truth is what this blog has always been about - accepting reality, no matter how distasteful it is. I've had to face many unpleasant truths over the last 10 years and I've done so and then got on with life, facing the future with new hope - with every unpleasant truth accepted I have "moved on".

I've accepted that my club, Wimbledon FC, was dead on 28th May 2002.
I've accepted that Milton Keynes took my club's Football League place.
I've accepted that Wimbledon had to start again from the bottom of the football pyramid.
I've accepted that people in Milton Keynes go to watch a football club playing locally.
I've accepted that a football club will prosper in Milton Keynes.

That's just a few of the big things - I've had to accept so many more little bitter pills over the years. And I've done so... swallowed every last one, because denying the truth and reality is pointless and only harms the person in denial.

And what of those on the other side of things? What of the group of Franchise customers who have spent the last 10 years peddling lies and misinformation about the creation of Franchise FC? Some of them are still at it, but just occasionally, usually when Franchise loses, a drop of truth seeps out from the sodden despair. Point in case this weekend... here's a quote from a Franchise customer taken from here (includes offensive language):

"When Winkleman told us at the SA AGM back in the summer that he was spending some money this season, I’m willing to bet the majority of us in attendance thought he meant on the team. Not on more hotel rooms. If he fancied being a hotelier he should have just {expletive deleted} built one without the encumbrance of someone else’s football team."

There's a lot more moaning in the post, but I'm just highlighting the little sliver of truth that slid in... "someone else's football team". See, even the most vociferous Franchise customers know Milton Keynes has someone else's football team and, from time to time, they are made to face the fact that it was always about the property deal and not the football club. Their forums are often more bothered about the new M&S, Primark and hotel rooms going in than they are about the football club.

Normal denial will be resumed soon enough of course and those grovelling around Winkelman will continue to spew out the tired mantra about having him to thank for bringing football to MK (he didn't, MK already had football), but it's not hard to see through the cracks in the concrete facade to the truth beneath - they know it's someone else's football team and they know it was just a property deal. One day, they may even discover some guts and common sense and drop the 'Dons' nicked-name of shame, but that may be a while yet. Until then, continue to enjoy their guilt-ridden suffering.