Monday, 12 December 2011

Short memories

There's a constant theme with Franchise customers that some of them are either extraordinarily forgetful or horribly ignorant of the facts. I've dealt before with the nonsense about Wimbledon fans abandoning the club too early, by pointing out that Franchise FC was intended to start the 2002-3 season in Milton Keynes. Perhaps Franchise customers weren't reading their own local papers when they printed stories like these?...

That's September 2002, with Koppel and Winkelman still trying to get the club in MK before the end of the year. Even that reflects slippage from Koppel's statements up until the Commission in May 2002 that the team would play in MK for the whole 2002-3 season, but it's stark confirmation that Wimbledon fans acted correctly and in a timely fashion to ensure they had a Wimbledon club to watch for the 2002-3 season. Franchise customers may like to indulge in trying to re-write history, but fortunately it's much harder for them to get away with it in the internet age, where their own local paper puts the lie to their nonsense.


  1. Great blog, just shows how deluded these customers are. How about an article on former/current players of Wimbledon and their feelings towards the situation. Maybe start with Terry Burton and his opinions located here:

    We all know what song he is referring to.

  2. I remember that. We had season tickets but held off renewing them until we heard definite news about Wimbledon FC's fate. Naturally once the decision to move was made, we didn't renew and bought season tickets for AFC Wimbledon instead.

    If that constitutes abandoning my club, then I'm guilty as charged. However, I suspect that most Franchise supporters would not stay with an unfaithful partner who announced that he/she was leaving for someone else but would defer moving out until he/she had found a place to move to. In that situation, most people would feel that they had the moral right to start again with someone else. I think that's a good analogy.

  3. franchise customers would desert anything at the drop of a hat.

    They have considerable previous in that regard.