Sunday, 15 January 2012

Winkelman apologises... but not for killing Wimbledon FC

After yesterday's fiasco of the postponed Franchise match against Carlisle in Milton Keynes, Winkelman went on the radio to make a grovelling apology to all concerned. It's 30 minutes in on the recording at this link:

Now I don't give a damn about a Franchise match being postponed or the reasons for it, but how is it that Winkelman is prepared to make such a grovelling apology to Carlisle fans for their wasted trip and expense of going to MK, but in 10 years he has never once had the decency to apologise to Wimbledon fans for poaching our football team, trying to make us travel hundreds of miles each week to see our team and causing so much heartache to the fans, plus the financial expense of rebuilding our club from scratch? Where is our apology for his part in destroying Wimbledon FC? When you know what he did and how he has never answered for it or apologised for it, it makes his cringeing, obsequious grovelling yesterday seem all the more insincere and worthless. Apologise all you like for your incompetent stadium management Winkelman, but the Wimbledon fans you really owe an apology to are still waiting.

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