Monday, 2 January 2012

The truth will out

To the ex-Wimbledon fans that are now Franchise customers deluding themselves about what team it is they support, the words of Franchise manager Karl Robinson should be bringing you a dose of reality:

Robinson says, "That's not football. It was like the old Wimbledon. We've scored three great goals and their's were just bundled in and scruffy, with one from a penalty that no-one could understand." That's Franchise's own manager stating that what Wimbledon played wasn't football. Read it again... "That's not football. It was like the old Wimbledon." That's how much respect the Franchise manager has for the team that lifted the FA Cup in 1988 and that enabled him to be managing a professional football team in Milton Keynes, moved there to facilitate a supermarket property deal.

Sometimes you get what you deserve in life and Franchise customers clearly have a manager in tune with the whole Franchise ethos of ignoring history, trampling over tradition and letting expediency rule over doing what's right.

Of course, it won't change the minds of the deluded few ex-Wimbledon fans who have sold their loyalty to Franchise FC, they are far too far down the road of committing to a League place instead of a community. I'm sure they will moan to their club and demand an apology from Robinson, but in their hearts they will know the emptiness of it. Their own manager despises the Wimbledon legacy and is prepared to publically pour scorn on it. It's almost enough to make one believe in karma.

Happy New Year Wombles!

Afterthought... Bear in mind Robinson is managing a club with 'Dons' in its official name! Did it slip his mind as to where that originates from? If ever there was a clear indication as to why Franchise should drop the 'Dons' nickname from their absurd team name, then Robinson has provided it. When the manager so utterly condemns the very heritage his club desperately clings to, in a misguided attempt to achieve some legitimacy, then you know it's time for all involved to admit the truth and drop the 'Dons' from the name of a club that is only associated with a Milton Keynes' supermarket development and not Wimbledon's football club.

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