Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A customer prepared to face reality?

It's not often I read something from a Franchise customer and give it a nod of respect, but that rare event has happened today. For once it is a post from someone prepared to face the actual reality of Franchise FC, instead of desperately trying to defend anything and everything simply out of some knee-jerk need to never accept they did anything wrong. Here's a link:

Forget the praise for AFC Wimbledon, what matters there is the acceptance of reality. What we usually get is blank denial and this mantra about 'not our fault', 'we didn't do it' or 'go blame Hammam' and so on. But here we have someone prepared to face up to the choice they made, rather than deny that they had one.

This is why Franchise should drop the 'Dons' - out of respect for Wimbledon fans and what we went through. We were the ones who had to re-form our club and come back from nothing to earn a Football League place the right way, while Franchise customers just turned up to watch a team still masquerading under our club's nickname. It's time to end the farce, it's time Franchise stopped trying to spite Wimbledon fans - it's time to drop the 'Dons'.

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