Friday, 20 January 2012

Customer illogicality in a nutshell

I was going to do an update about the impossibly illogical and inconsistent positions Franchise customers take in their desperate attempts to avoid dropping the 'Dons', but someone has beaten me to it with a succinct and hilarious post:

On the one hand the Franchise customers want dropping the 'Dons' to be a big deal and of huge importance to them, but on the other they want changing from Wimbledon to 'Milton Keynes Dons' to NOT have mattered.

Any sane person studying those facts can only come to one conclusion - if the name didn't matter enough to them in 2004, then it sure as hell isn't important enough now to justify continuing to annoy Wimbledon fans with it. This is why they are guaranteed to lose on this matter - because they simply cannot have things both ways. The smarter among them have realised it, but they will all have to face up to it eventually. Drop the Dons.

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