Friday, 30 September 2011


A small indulgence, a bit of Friday night fun that's nothing to do with the main subject of the blog... A number of questions have been asked of me regarding myself and the blog, mostly by Franchise customers who can't bear to stick to the facts and think targeting me personally is a good idea, but, as ever, I'm not afraid of the truth, they are.. Here, in all seriousness, honest, are the answers:

1. What gender am I?
I'm not kidding, the customers have been speculating for years now on whether I am a man or a woman. I have revelled in their sexist behaviour, because it demonstrates the kind of individual one is dealing with. They have made gender an issue, where I have ignored it totally. Even when people who have met me face to face have told them I'm a man, they have refused to believe it. Why? Do they honestly think I am belittled by suggestions that I'm a woman? What neanderthal level of intellect must they have to think that? It's almost tempting to get a sex change operation just so that a Franchise customer could be proved to be right about something! Which leads me on to...

2. Why am I so serious?
Ha! When you don't get the joke, the joke's on you. If Franchise customers had any idea of the number of times I have been reduced to fits of giggles at their expense... well, actually, it would just annoy them I suspect, ho hum.

3. Why do I do this?
Because I can.

4. No, really, why do I do this?
Read the bit at the top of the blog! Honestly, these muppets visit the blog, fail to actually read the words and then ask completely moronic questions. I have had to question many times over the years the ability of some English people to actually read English. I know that, the odd typo aside, I write clear and understandable English. I've never doubted it for even a moment and I have the evidence of feedback from thousands of posts to prove it. So, to those claiming I don't make sense - pah! I do. You just wish I didn't.

5. Why do I hate Milton Keynes?
I don't. If you can read and have a brain, you know I do not target Milton Keynes as a town or its residents as a whole. Franchise customers are a self-selecting group of people, who make the choice to put money in the pocket of Winkelman, the man who created Franchise FC. I deem it entirely reasonable to point out to those people the consequences of their actions and the nature of the individual they are rewarding for his actions. If they can't cope with the reality of their own choices, then it is they that have the problem.

6. Why don't I have a life?
I can only conclude this gets asked by people who can only type one word a minute or who think the ability to post things on the internet equates to not being able to drink, have sex, watch movies, dance or any of the other many things I thoroughly enjoy doing. In my estimation, those advising others to 'get a life', are usually doing so out of a wish that they had a better one themselves. Me... I like my life, it's full and satisfying. Thanks for the concern. ;)

7. All the rest of the fiction they have made up about me, usually through misquoting...
Meh. I'm obsessed with the franchising of a Football League place and the actual facts behind it. Those discussing me and aspects of my life are revealing their obsession with me, not the facts about Franchise FC. Those that think they will ever shut me up through ridicule, insults, reverse psychology or any other of the stupid things they have tried, are going to be as sadly disappointed as they have been for the last 9 years. I post when I want to and about the things I deem important or interesting. And yes, I already know their response to this, they are as predictable as the day is long. They should ask themselves this one question - Who's dumber, the person doing something they believe in for a purpose or the person wasting time, effort and energy moaning about something they don't even have the guts, knowledge or intelligence to do something about, while claiming they don't care? They are as transparent now as they have been for the last nine years. And do you know how dumb they are? They are so dumb, that they will continue to try exactly the same things as I've already identified here and think that either I will notice or that it will make a difference. I'm reluctant to conclude that Franchise FC gets the customers it deserves... but... the evidence is mounting up. ;)

There, that should give some of them something to froth about. :)

PS... edited to add... I'll get back to the truth about Franchise FC in the next post... promise! ;)

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