Thursday, 22 September 2011

Irony absence in Milton Keynes

If you want to know one of the reasons I run this little blog, you need look no further than a recent post on a Franchise forum, on the subject of why Wimbledon FC hadn't gone back to Wimbledon from Selhurst Park:

"No it's a post hoc argument brought up to justify the continuing spiteful campaign against Milton Keynes. If there was the will or the possibility of finding a local ground and preferably a local wealthy backer then these options would have surely been explored. Most of the stuff I've read is mere jealousy that we've effectively got something for nothing."

Read here: for more on why the owners of Wimbledon FC simply weren't trying to find a ground locally after the MK approach. I've covered it in other posts too, and after nine years it's hardly a secret as to why the owners weren't looking for a ground in London or looking for investors. Yet here we have this dimwit writing it off as jealousy that MK got something for nothing, while they blithely ignore those who were around at the time and know far better what went on and why.

This same poster then goes on to defend their own actions of enjoying the "something for nothing" thus:

"I still don't really give a flying {expletive deleted} about who did what and to whom before WFC came to Milton Keynes. I had no say in the matter - when they arrived I simply went along for something different to do with my children on a Saturday afternoon. I'm now an MK Dons season ticket holder (my children have bigger fish to fry)."

 Astonishing that someone can accuse others of "post hoc argument" while employing precisely that to try to salve their own conscience about what was done to Wimbledon FC. This is precisely the sort of thing people need making aware of - these Franchise customers really don't know the truth, yet have convinced themselves that the lies and misinformation they've either been fed or made up over the years are true!

It quite beggars belief that someone claiming they don't even care about the rights and wrongs of the situation is also prepared to spew out the old lies about Wimbledon's football club. And this fool wonders why some people insist on 'keeping the pot boiling'. With people like this around, the pot will be kept bubbling for many years yet, right up until they and Franchise FC actually do something about the lies they spread, stop using Wimbledon's nickname in vain and start actually facing up to the truth.

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