Monday, 5 September 2011

A message to the morons

If you don't want your tawdry franchised football club to be constantly associated with Wimbledon and slagged off for stealing our Football League place... then stop using our nickname in your team name you total ****ing morons!

Seriously, what does it take for you utter braindead idiots to recognise that by using the 'Dons' nickname in your team name you burden yourselves with the stigma of stealing Wimbledon's League place more completely than the entire rest of the media put together could come up with as an evil plan to make you look bad.

If there's one thing that makes you look like total club-stealing morons, it's the insistence on using Wimbledon's nickname. We know you do it to annoy us, but if you had even the smallest ounce of brain in your tiny minds you'd realise who you're actually hurting - yourselves. Franchise - can-do masochism.

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