Sunday, 4 September 2011

Promotion worries

I know there are a number of people worried about Franchise getting promoted from the third division - don't be. Astonishingly, even some of the Franchise customers have cottoned on to what will actually happen if Franchise continues its current run of form:

Hard though it is to believe, there are a few among the Franchise customer base who know what's coming.

In the unlikely event that they do continue their current run of form (and aside from Carlisle, they still haven't played a genuine contender for the top half of the table) the contractual situation leaves them woefully unprepared for life a division above.

Ironically, Wimbledon fans may think this isn't that big a deal, as we continue to defy the odds and predictions, but our advancement isn't built on multi-million pound losses and massive bank loans - Franchise FC is. The two clubs remain a million miles apart in approach and 60 miles apart in geography.

So, even if Franchise FC gains promotion at the end of the 2011-12 season, take great comfort in the fact that financially it could be the very thing that damns it, as the the franchised club struggles to cope with the exorbitant wage demands it will inevitably suffer from its out of contract personnel.

Now, more than ever, one has to remember a basic message - you do things the right way or you do things the Franchise way. Wimbledon do things the right way and, tough as it will be this season (we're going to get hammered a good few times), that's how things must be. We play the long game (not the long ball game ;) ), we know our cause is right and we know ultimate victory is ours.

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