Saturday, 26 November 2011

Not forgotten, not forgiven

If you read the spin and PR that emanates from a handful of internet warriors round Franchise way, you'd be forgiven for thinking that all was sweetness and light in the world of the Franchise customer and that Franchise FC was winning fans over by the coachload. It's a mirage though, magicked up to make themselves feel better about themselves and their decision to be customers of a franchised football club instead of fans of a real football club.

Today, Franchise play Wycombe. Many of the Franchise customers, as always, are desperate to whip up a football frenzy and have a rivalry with anyone, including the other League team in Bucks. Idiotically some of them even think we are rivals, despite the fact we're 60 miles away and have never played them! (Long may that remain the case.) So desperate are they for a real rivalry, that they've been visiting a Wycombe forum and trying to stir things up. Well, they certainly managed to do that, but all it demonstrates is that far from forgetting and forgiving what happened in 2002, plenty of football fans remember it all too well and won't be 'moving on' any time soon.

Here's a link to the forum and some choice quotes from it to follow:

"Good luck to the Chairboys tomorrow.Iwont be going to Asdas quarter filled shed as i begrudge giving money to a joke football club.Come on you blues."

"I'll tell you what denigrates the reputation of the club, affording them any sort of recognition as a legitimate football club. Milton Keynes quite frankly deserves all it gets, they could quite easily have supported a non-league team up through the pyramid - even Winkieman could have taken over MK City and funded their rise up the leagues if he wanted to. It speaks volumes for their consumerist, short-termist, I'm alright Jack sod the rest of you mindset that they could not be bothered to take the time-honoured route into the league. It's your prerogative to look forward to visiting their sordid hypermarket-enabling griefhole, though there' no need to go to lengths to denigrate those with principles who cannot countenance ever visiting that monument to probably the vilest chapter of Football League history."

"As a Milton Keynes residant of more than thirty years standing I am very proud of my town and many of its fine achievements. However the existence of MK Dons is a nasty smear on an otherwise fine place. I cannot blame the many kids and teenagers who support the Dons as they know no better but I am ashamed at the many adults who have chosen to ignore the sordid establishment of their Local team and laugh off any criticism. The sad thing is that within a generation there will be no one who is interested in the history of MK Dons."

"we shouldn't "hate" MK Dons. well, not in the traditional football sense of the word (#we hate col u and we hate col u# etc). that would give them meaning and identity, neither of which they deserve. we should not treat them in any way as we would a legitimate football club, be it pre-match discussions on here and yes, watching one of their games. going to a game involving MK Dons allows them to believe they are a proper, legitimate club. They are not"

It hasn't been forgotten or forgiven, no matter what any Franchise customer may hope to believe. 

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