Sunday, 6 November 2011

Heartbreak hotel

The depth of misunderstanding and ignorance evident amongst Franchise customers sometimes really does defy belief. A recent example is the complete lack of knowledge or understanding of the workings of the hotel that forms part of the MK stadium complex - although their outrage at the matter is also rather amusing, particularly when you realise how misplaced it is.

Here's a link to the thread that brought this up:

Now, the first thing to note - in fact just about the only thing, because everything else follows on from this - is that the football club does not own the hotel or its bar. I think most people, upon being told that, will realise the implications, but not it seems a lot of Franchise customers.

For starters, what possesses them to presume that a hotel bar, however close it is to the pitch, is actually connected to the football club by either ownership or management? What on earth makes them think that Hilton Doubletree gives any control or financial support to the football club, which just happens to play on the pitch that's also part of the stadium complex? It's stuff like this that makes one realise just how much they still don't understand the importance of the football club itself owning the stadium - which Franchise FC doesn't of course.

I'm sure it will greatly amuse a few people that here we have a bunch of Franchise customers handing over money for exorbitantly priced food and drink in a hotel bar, on the entirely misplaced assumption that it's somehow connected to 'their' football club, when the reality is that every last penny of that money is going to Hilton Doubletree. On another thread they are even talking about arranging more social evenings at the venue... which will also benefit the hotel and not the football club. Personally, I can't make up my mind whether it's hilarious or tragically dumb - probably both at the same time.

If they ever wake up to these realities it might open their eyes to a lot of other things, but, based on the current level of misinformation, I think we can expect them to be mushrooms* for a long while yet.

*Kept in the dark and fed on shit.

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