Thursday, 10 November 2011

But what about the football club?

Before you read the attached link, remind yourself that what it's supposed to be about is a football club, playing in a stadium that's far too big for it. By the end of this thread, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that, thanks to the way the Franchise customers, as ever, attempt to 'defend' the situation...

The essential premise is simple - the absurdity of a team attracting 8,000 customers playing in a stadium that houses 32,000, resulting in the bad atmosphere it does and the unsupportable finances for the team.

Rather than actually deal with that reality, the Franchise customers go rambling off about all sorts of things - even suggesting T20 cricket at a venue that's not remotely big enough to house it!

There is one thing that all of these customers fail to address though - the football club doesn't own the stadium. The football club doesn't benefit from other events at the stadium.

These people aren't football fans, and in this instance they aren't even Franchise customers, what they are is Winkelman/InterMK fans! That's who benefits from the completed stadium and other events, not the football club.

This is the most extraordinary thing to still observe at work at Franchise - the customers who simply cannot tell the difference between what's good for the football club and what's good for Winkelman or MK council. They are literally incapable of seeing that the two things are not the same. And they wonder why they are despised as 'Franchise customers', when they care more about a lump of concrete owned by a property dealer than they do about the football club that they claim to support.

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