Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A tale of fans success

Particularly today, one can't help but counterpoint the Franchise FC situation with another club... and it's not Wimbledon! So forgive me while I digress from the main theme. What is often forgotten in all the furore over Franchise, is all the other clubs up and down the country who have missed out because of franchising a Football League place to Milton Keynes. (Missed League spots, missed cup runs, missed revenue, missed media exposure and so on.) Much like the AFC Wimbledon story, the Exeter City story largely speaks for itself - it's a tale of a community and group of fans who really did stand up to be counted and who have achieved incredible things. So, on the day when some Franchise customers are crowing about a result in a competition they've never earned the right to be in, I hand you over to Gary Andrews, courtesy of SBNation, to read about a truly inspiring tale. Whatever result Exeter City get against Liverpool in the Carling Cup, they've earned the right to be there. Somewhere out there are many more stories like this one that could and should have been written, but for Franchise unjustly taking Wimbledon's place in the Football League...

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