Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Kingstonian revisited

I know some people think I exaggerate about how bad some Franchise customers are, but a recent post on one of their 'protected' forums demonstrates just how deluded some of them are. Get this:

"However, the key point made by Kingstonians was that the sale of the ground took place just 2 weeks before a meeting to set up a Kingstonian Supporters Trust. And those setting up the trust that had announced its intention to purchase the ground back from the Khosla's. AFC (knowing this full well) immediately did a deal behind the backs of Kingstonians."

For once, one of their own has tried to correct the deluded individual, yet they press on with this insane notion that a K's Trust that hadn't even been started yet could somehow have got together the funds to purchase the ground from Khosla. And all this flies completely in the face of what the K's Trust chairman has had to say on the matter, as previously linked to:

The person quoted from that Franchise forum are the sort of blinkered, brainwashed individuals that are out there, spreading these kind of lies about Wimbledon, in what can only be construed as a misguided attempt at revenge. Rather than face the truth about their own club, they have descended into an obsessive campaign to smear Wimbledon, when there's simply no reason for them to do so. Wimbledon fans have plenty of reason to despise Franchise FC and those responsible for it, but what can possibly justify trying to slag off Wimbledon? These people have got things very, very wrong and it makes you seriously wonder what sort of customerbase Franchise is going to end up with when it has people that screwed up amongst them.

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