Saturday, 27 August 2011

Actual facts of the move

Just for a bit of fun, let's take the Franchise customer association's lies-by-omission ( and list some of the things they completely neglect to. The amount of essential facts and detail they omit - nearly all of it damning evidence against Winkelman - reveals the truly despicable purpose of the propaganda exercise they have indulged in.

June 2000
Pete Winkelman reserves the domain names relating to 'MKDons'.

August 2000
Winkelman approaches Wimbledon FC with his property deal to move a Football League team and Football League place to Milton Keynes. The FA Commission says so:

"10. In August 2000 Mr Peter Winkelman of the Milton Keynes Stadium Consortium (MKSC) approached Mr Koppel. MKSC is a group of local business people who together with stakeholders and community groups are working to secure the provision of professional football in Milton Keynes."

That's two months after registering the domain names. A man that plans ahead, clearly.

May 2002
Pete Winkelman tells the FA Commission he wants to retain the Wimbledon FC identity (extract from Commission report):

"76. MKSC is made up of various partners from local government, commerce and industry (including retail and hotel groups), community groups, parish councils and the like. Mr Winkelman spoke with passion of the benefits for the area, and for football in general, of having a team of the stature of WFC in the new stadium which will be ready for the start of the 2004/5 season. It will be owned by WFC and paid for by commercial and retail enabling development. He believes that with over 40,000 school children in the area WFC will be fantastic news.
77. He is an advocate for retaining the identity of WFC and would work with the Football League and WFC to achieve this, if we gave permission for the relocation. He talked of renaming the area “Wimbledon Park” or renaming roads and of the similarities between the new town of Milton Keynes (now almost 30 years old) and WFC."

June 2004
Winkelman changes the team name from Wimbledon FC to... wait for it... can you guess?... 'MK Dons'. The name he registered for domain names in 2000.

Curious how one can establish domain names in 2000, give contrary evidence about club naming in 2002 and then rename the club in 2004 to the name envisaged back in 2000. And this is the kind of evidence the Franchise customer association doesn't want people to know.

I'll be coming back to this again... and again... filling out the facts and the timeline. If you'd like to assist in compiling the timeline, do let me know via the usual channels (like the WUP guestbook or by email) or by signing up as a member of the blog and contacting me that way.

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