Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The truth they can't handle

There's a great truth about the whole saga of franchising Wimbledon FC that Franchise customers simply can't bear to accept - AFC Wimbledon is the genuine and sole inheritor of the Wimbledon FC legacy, all the way back to the Old Centrals. Most fans who know what happened and those in the game have long since accepted this truth, including one of the great names of the Wimbledon FC years, Dario Gradi, now back at the helm of Crewe Alexandra, Wimbledon's opponents on Saturday.

Here is a man who truly understands the enormity of Wimbledon's achievement, having been manager during the early years in the Football League the first time around.

This truth that AFC Wimbledon is the only rightful heir to the Wimbledon FC legacy, is the bitterest pill for some Franchise customers to swallow, and because of that, it's also the very thing that holds them back from establishing their new Milton Keynes club as such. Of course, telling them that just drives them deeper into their bunker mentality, cutting their nose off to spite their face, but that's how it is with bitter, stubborn people in denial. Even Dario Gradi is telling them that Wimbledon are BACK in the Football League. It was a great feeling in May when it was achieved and it just keeps getting better - unless of course you're a Franchise customer in denial! Happy days.

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