Monday, 10 October 2011

Contradiction, denial and insanity

The Charlton Choice TV snippet that has been doing the rounds makes embarrassing listening for any Franchise customer, but are they capable of learning the lessons that should be learnt from it?

Now Graham wasn't ambushed and the questions weren't deceptive, this was a straightforward interview and it elicited contradictory, confusing and downright delusional responses, as even Franchise customers have been forced to admit. The interviewer clearly expressed his confusion and disbelief to Graham, so this wasn't in any way underhand, and still Graham stuck to his, frankly, crazy beliefs. What the customers still won't admit to themselves though, is the underlying truth that this interview reveals, namely the irrational and illogical position Franchise customers have argued themselves into over the last nine years by attempting (and failing) to gain perceived legitimacy through linking to Wimbledon FC.

The first thing to note is that ex-Wimbledon fans like Graham are the ones that the customers have frequently used as their reason for retaining the use of the 'Dons' nickname in Franchise's team name. Effectively, an entire football club is being held to the beliefs of a handful of people like Graham, who thinks the use of a nickname means he's still supporting Wimbledon. Put all the dressing and excuses you like on it, that is the reality - a tiny number of deluded, illogical people are being used as justification for having the most absurd team name in English football. It is the very height of masochism - siding with a small group of deluded people in a futile attempt to deny the reality of what Franchise FC is.

I don't see the point in dissembling everything Graham says - any reasonable person can tell he's terminally confused and trying to maintain completely illogical and contradictory positions. Other Franchise customers have tried claiming that Graham simply wasn't eloquent enough with his explanations, but the grim reality for them is that it is the concepts at the heart of the matter that are the basis for the contradictions and lack of logic... It's not Wimbledon... Franchise has nothing to do with Wimbledon... Wearing a Wimbledon shirt while supporting a Milton Keynes team does not make you a Wimbledon supporter... It is categorically NOT 'Milton Keynes Wimbledon'. Yet these are the people the customers claim need 'honouring' - as illogical as that is in itself when nothing has ever been done about rewarding them for their actions before - as if maintaining an insane belief that you are something you're not is something to be encouraged.

Franchise FC is not Wimbledon FC. The vast majority of Wimbledon fans knew that on the 29th May 2002 and acted accordingly. The people that re-formed Wimbledon's football club as AFC Wimbledon were the sane, sensible ones who understood what a community club was really about. The insanity of thinking a Milton Keynes football club has anything to do with Wimbledon becomes ever more starkly revealed with every year that passes - it becomes more clearly ludicrous, as Graham has amply demonstrated, not less so. Pandering to his insane beliefs does no one any favours - not him and certainly not other Franchise customers. Perhaps the wider airing of this sort of lunatic belief will help other Franchise customers see the absurdity of their clinging on to Wimbledon's nickname. One can but hope, for the sake of Graham's mental health if nothing else, because trying to maintain his illogical belief system cannot be doing him any good. Graham... you're not a Wimbledon supporter, you're a Milton Keynes customer, and you really need to get past your denial and move on to acceptance of that fact.

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