Wednesday, 16 October 2013

One last sock

Funny the things that sometimes draw one back to a subject, in this instance it's an article by Mark Mardell on the ongoing US government funding crisis.

He uses a phrase to refer to the Republicans that resonated with me in relation to Franchise.
Rather like a man who has been almost stripped naked refusing to remove one last sock, claiming his dignity depends on it.”

This is exactly what some Franchise customers continue to do with regard to dropping the 'Dons' nicked-name from their team name. The rebranding of Franchise has left them naked ever since 2004 when all but the 'Dons' nicked-name were stripped away. They claim this 'one last sock' is all that stands between them and the indignity of admitting they are no longer Wimbledon FC. Yet they have been naked in the eyes of all others for 10 years, fooling only themselves that any shred of dignity has been afforded to them by the 'Dons' sock.

It's an image that should sear itself into their minds, because at every game they are naked, wearing one last sock and imagining it gives them something that it does not. Lose the sock – clothe Franchise properly in the garb of Milton Keynes, the way it should be. Only then can Franchise progress with any dignity or respect.

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