Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Not very Bright

We are little more than four weeks away from the tenth anniversary of the FA Commission verdict that killed off Wimbledon FC, and the BBC's Late Kick Off show has provided yet another reminder of why Franchise FC should mark the anniversary by dropping Wimbledon's nickname from its team name. Speaking about Barnet's forthcoming fixture with Wimbledon, presenter Mark 'NV' Bright twice refers to 'MK Dons' instead of Wimbledon, even after being corrected by his co-host. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01glssc/Late_Kick_Off_London_and_the_South_East_2012_Episode_13/) Presuming it wasn't a deliberate wind-up - which really would have been stupid for a professional broadcaster - it demonstrates the continuing problems caused by Franchise FC using Wimbledon's nicked-name.

In this instance, I dare say the less smart among the Franchise customers are revelling in 'NV' Bright's mistake, but just as often the mistake gets made in the opposite direction and has them up in arms about it. The answer is simple - they should drop the 'Dons'. It might take a season for everyone to adapt, but then the matter will be done and dusted, leaving only the occasional fixture-list confrontation to drag up old wounds. The fact that this so obviously makes sense for all but a handful of ex-Wimbledon fans, who bizarrely think Milton Keynes has anything to do with their old club, will not stop the Franchise zealots wanting to continue flaunting Wimbledon's nicked-name around, but that's just the foolishness of bitter people clinging on to the past. Doubtless a few will even claim that blog posts like this one strengthen their resolve to continue denigrating Wimbledon's nickname, but that also reveals the smallmindedness of their position - refusing to do the right thing purely out of spite, the act of a spoiled child. It's time Milton Keynes' football club grew up, it's time it dropped the 'Dons'.


  1. "but that's just the foolishness of bitter people clinging on to the past."

    The funniest thing about this is you probably aren't even aware of the hypocrisy in you accusing anyone of this Bathy. You're possibly the bitterest person in the world.

  2. Dear anonymous dimwit,
    The funniest thing about this is that you have not the slightest idea of when I am royally ripping the piss out of you. Congratulations on submitting the dumbest comment yet... so dumb I decided to publish it. As for bitterness, you lost the argument the moment you reacted, vainly attempting not to see yourself accurately described by my blog post. The hardest part for you must be knowing it's all true about why you Franchise zealots cling to the 'Dons' nicked-name. Go look in the mirror and see the bitter fool laughing back at you because you can't let go of the past. If you could, you'd be campaigning to drop the 'Dons'. Keep enjoying that bitter taste in your mouth.

  3. More good news for franchise customers:


    "It blamed the fall on deteriorating commercial property loans and an increase in the cost of funding after Clydesdale's credit rating was downgraded last September.

    The bank made a charge in its accounts of £282m for bad loans, mainly in the commercial property market.

    "UK Banking's risk appetite will be modified and will no longer accommodate financing of property development or property investment, where the underlying purpose is to generate rental income and capital gains," the bank said.

    The "vast majority" of the banks' commercial property portfolios, valued at about £6.2bn, will be transferred to NAB."