Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The real Dons

Want to know who the real Dons are? These guys... Roy Law, Les Brown, John Martin, Bobby Ardrey, Dave Willis, Mike Kelly. Why? Because they were part of Wimbledon's 1963 FA Amateur Cup winning side.

The Dons beat Sutton United that day at the old Wembley Stadium, with Eddie Reynolds scoring all four goals of a 4-2 victory with his head.

There are Wimbledon fans around who still remember that day and their shared history, along with that of the players, continues to exist at AFC Wimbledon. Indeed, the 1963 cup winners are being honoured at the home game against Bradford on 11th February. This from the official AFC Wimbledon website:

"Thursday 26 January 2012
club news
FA Amateur Cup winners’ reunion at Bradford game

We are pleased to announce that as part of the club’s involvement in True Volunteer Foundation’s (TVF) project celebrating the history of sport in Wimbledon, several members of the 1963 FA Amateur Cup winning team will be attending the game against Bradford on Saturday 11 February. 

We are looking forward to welcoming the following players to the Cherry Red Records Stadium:

Roy Law 
Les Brown 
John Martin
Bobby Ardrey
Dave Willis
Mike Kelly

Also joining them will be regular attendees from the 1973/4 era Dickie Guy, Ian Cooke and Tom McCready."

So, what's all this got to do with Franchise FC? Nothing. That's the point. At AFC Wimbledon these guys are heroes, some of them still attend games and their achievements are recognised. If they were trotted out at Franchise, how many would know them, know what they achieved, or care? A handful of people, if any at all. And that's what makes them using the 'Dons' nickname in their club's nicked-name such a travesty. They claim it is to reflect their club's origins, but what a sham and a disgrace that is when they have given up all other pretences of a connection to Wimbledon. An ex-player like Roy Law could walk unrecognised and unappreciated through their crowd, pressbox and boardroom, without a soul either knowing or caring about what he and the others achieved.

If Franchise truly wanted to recognise its bastard birth from the ruins of Wimbledon FC, then it would be doing far more than clinging on to a nicked-name. For the sake of every Wimbledon fan and every ex-player who was proud to pull on a Wimbledon shirt, it's time Franchise dropped the 'Dons'.

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  1. Why do the Franchise try to make so much about nothing. For example they say its no worse having Wimbledon FC in MK than where the real Wimbledon are now i.e. neither are in Wimbledon. I suppose they think that anyone outside the South East will not know where Wimbledon actually play now.